University Policies

The University of North Texas at Dallas (UNTD) establishes campus policies to align operations, set behavioral expectations, mitigate institutional risk, and communicate roles and responsibilities. University policies are administered by a responsible officer who ensures that essential policies are developed, executed, communicated, monitored, reviewed and updated. All approved policies are published below.

UNTD is in the process of moving the policies to a new platform, which can accessed through the PolicyTech link below. After January 31, 2022, policies will no longer be listed on this page and will only be available through the PolicyTech link.

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To submit a policy draft, revision, or request a deletion, please consult the UNTD Policy Development Guidelines below for appropriate forms and approval process.  For additional questions, contact the Director of Accreditation and Policy,

UNTD Policy Development Guidelines

UNTD Policy Transmittal Form

Chapter 03 | Governance

3.001 Organizational Chart

Chapter 05 | Human Resources

5.004 Religious Accommodations
5.005 Employee Grievances
5.006 Outside Employment or Service and Dual Employment

5.007 Employee Ethics and Standards of Employee Conduct
5.008 Political Activity
5.009 Employment of Members of the Same Family
5.010 Drug-free Workplace
5.013 Protection of Confidential Information and Privacy Act Policy
5.014 Staff Employment
5.015 Employment of Students
5.016 Salary Administration
5.017.1 Holidays
5.017.2 Sick Leave
5.017.3 Sick Leave Pool
5.017.4 Vacation Leave
5.017.5 Other Leaves of Absence With Pay
5.017.6 Conferences and Professional Meetings Attendance
5.017.7 Military Leave of Absence
5.017.8 Parental Leave
5.017.9 Family and Medical Leave
5.017.10 Leave of Absence Without Pay
5.017.11 Sick Leave Donation
5.018 Compensatory Leave and Overtime
5.019 Training and Education
5.020 Performance Management and Evaluations for Staff Employees
5.021 Staff Employee Discipline
5.022 Employee Assistance Program
5.023 Reduction in Force
5.024 Separation Procedures
5.025 Retirement
5.026 Rehiring of Retired Employees
5.027 Criminal History Background Checks
5.028 Consensual Relationships
5.030 University Volunteers
5.031 Employee and Volunteer Awards
5.032 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
5.033 Supplemental Compensation
5.034 Cellular Communication Devices and Services
5.037 Lactation Support
5.040 Identity Theft Prevention Policy

5.041 Compliance and Integrity Program
5.044 Remote Working and Flexible Work Schedule

5.045 Violence in the Workplace

5.046 Employee Doctoral Educational Reimbursement

5.047 New Employee Requirements

Chapter 08 | Intellectual Property

8.001 Copyrights Property