The University of North Texas at Dallas is on the move.

We invite you to engage with us as we empower, transform and strengthen the lives of our students. Set high on a hill in southern Dallas with a spectacular view of the downtown skyline 12 miles to the north, UNT Dallas provides a pathway to social mobility.  No other four-year university takes a majority of its students from southern Dallas and its nearby suburbs. We take pride in our strategic location and intend to become a catalyst for economic development.

If you are thinking about college, we invite you to learn more about UNT Dallas.  Our welcoming campus, excellent professors, small classes, flexible hours and customized curriculum are designed for you to succeed. We are an affordable choice as well. If you are a parent, know that your son or daughter can prosper at our school. We celebrate students’ individuality; they are never a number at UNT Dallas. Our strong academics and affordable tuition and fees are designed to help students graduate with marketable skills and with little debt.

UNT Dallas is proud of its College of Law, located in downtown Dallas. In 2021, it was designated as having the most diverse student body among America's 200 law schools. The law school is the most affordable in Texas and also one of the most diverse in the United States. Known for its innovative faculty, the school offers classes at night or during the day. For public spirited citizens looking for a worthy cause to support, consider UNT Dallas' unique location and important mission. We are making a difference, and we invite you to participate in our compelling work.

Bob Mong