Academic Council


Gives final approval of curriculum changes, gives final approval of academic policy.

Roster Structure: 

The provost serves as chair and is ex-officio. Voting members include each dean of the schools and colleges, vice-chair of the faculty alliance, vice president of student government, the director of academic advising, and the university librarian. Non-voting members include the university registrar, university director of undergraduate admissions, associate provost, director of university accreditation & policy, and a staff council representative.

Roster Rotation Schedule: 

All committee members remain on the roster except for the Vice-Chair of FA, Representative from Staff Council, and VP of SGA. Those positions change as their role changes.

Appointed by: 


Applicable Policy/Strategic Initiative : 



PositionNameTerm StartTerm EndSchool or Department
Chair, ex-officioBetty StewartDecember 2017N/AProvost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
Member, votingRoyal FurgesonDecember 2017N/ADean, College of Law
Member, votingGlenda BalasDecember 2017N/ADean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Member, votingJohn GaskoDecember 2017N/ADean, School of Education
Member, votingConstance LacyDecember 2017N/ADean, School of Human Services
Member, votingKaren ShumwayDecember 2017N/ADean, School of Business
Member, votingIftekhar AminDecember 2017When their term ends with FAVice-Chair, Faculty Alliance
Member, votingBerenice ZunigaDecember 2017When their term ends with SGAVP, Student Government
Member, votingRian WilhiteDecember 2017N/ADirector, Academic Advising
Member, votingBrenda RobertsonDecember 2017N/AUniversity Librarian
Member, non-votingJohn CapocciDecember 2017N/AUniversity Registrar
Member, non-votingLuis FrancoDecember 2017N/AUniversity Director of UG Admissions
Member, non-votingMelinda Arnold-SchlagerDecember 2017N/AAssociate Provost
Member, non-votingElizabeth GiddensDecember 2017N/ADirector, Accreditation & Policy
Member, non-votingShaniece MillerDecember 2017When their term ends with SCRepresentative, Staff Council